May 22, 2019

Hello Friends & Neighbors,

NBC News interviewed me on Monday, 5/20 regarding our Brentwood Urban Limit Line challenge and the Alliance for a Better Brentwood’s opposition to Blackhawk Nunn’s development plan to move our western ULL and bulldoze nearly 600 acres of dry-farmed ag land.

Bob Redell, NBC’s reporter, and his cameraman Isaac were extremely friendly and professional. They asked me a series of questions, so as is common with newscasts, I’m not sure which “snippets” will be used.

Also interviewed on behalf of the opposition was Bryan Scott, local resident and fire/emergency services deficit expert, as well as long-time friend Tony Allegro who lives on the County side of this development. If it makes it to the ballot, Tony and his wife Cheryl are not able to vote on this issue and yet this project would have a profoundly negative impact on their home property, traffic on Deer Valley in both directions, as well as all the projects overall devastating environmental consequences.

The City Clerk received the ballot petitions as complete on May 15th. Currently, the petition signatures are being validated by the County. Unfortunately, as with past elections, the City of Brentwood only asked for a random sampling of signatures to be verified. I know from the Antioch initiative last year that if the County finds irregularities, they will do a total verification of all petition signatures, and I hope that this will be the case. We know that most of us were aghast with the methods of trickery and rudeness practiced by the petition personnel hired by Blackhawk Nunn.

The developer is rushing this ballot measure through, and hasn’t even waited until the City’s Environmental Impact Report is complete. Word has it that if they do qualify the measure for the ballot, they will push our Council hard to schedule a special election in November 2019; this could cost the Brentwood taxpayers up to $100,000! We need to send the Council a strong message that we are not happy about this, and also if they are given the decision, to place this ballot measure on the next regularly scheduled election, March 2020. The e-mail address to send them all a message is , and I would suggest you copy the City Clerk Margaret Wimberly, Lastly, we’ll need to fill the Council chambers at the Council meeting in which they will make this decision FOR SURE!

The NBC News story will air tomorrow, Thursday, 5/23 in the 4:30 am – 7 am time slot, and again between 11:00 am – 11:30 am; Bob Redell is not sure about any evening time slot as yet. As part of the story, Bob Nunn, Ron Nunn’s son was interviewed. Obviously, the story will contain the initiative from both sides, and I’m hoping the opposition message is received loud and clear.

Thank you for your continued support and HOLD THE LINE!