Measure Q FAQ

Welcome to our Measure Q Frequently Asked Questions page. These answers are provided to help the public understand the measure. To do that, Alliance for a Better Brentwood has made our best effort to provide accurate and true information. However, the text of the ballot measure is the final authority. If any information here is not consistent with the ballot measure, it is the ballot measure that is correct. Any such inconsistency, if any, is inadvertent on our part, and we would appreciate being notified of the error so we can correct it here. The full text of Measure Q is available by clicking here.

Q) How does Measure Q define Open Space?

A) Measure Q creates a new “Voter-Protected Open Space” land use designation, also known as the Open Space Overlay. This overlay is applied to Parks, Golf Courses, and other Open Spaces inside Brentwood’s city limits. Click here to see a map of the Overlay.

Q) How does Measure Q protect Brentwood’s Open Space?

A) Measure Q, the Voter-Protected Open Space Initiative, protects Brentwood’s Open Spaces by requiring voter approval for more intensive development, like residential and commercial projects. Uses that are consistent with the Overlay, including uses of land that are currently allowed under the Parks, Permanent Open Space, and Agricultural Conservation designations in the General Plan, do not require voter approval. Also, the provision of infrastructure or utility services (such as sewers and streets) do not require voter approval.

Q) What are the allowable uses for land included in the Open Space Overlay?

A) Lands designated as Voter-Protected Open Space may only be used for open space, parks, agricultural, and recreational uses. This designation includes park areas, open space areas, agricultural land, and indoor and outdoor recreational facilities of varying size, function, and location that are intended to serve the entire community.

Q) Can Brentwood’s City Council repurpose a Park for some other public use, as they did in the past to build City Hall on Brentwood’s City Park?

A) They can, but only if they compensate the community by creating a new open space of the same size. There can be no net loss of Open Space. Otherwise, voter approval is required to repurpose a park. To the extent feasible, the replacement Open Space shall be within the typical distances identified in the Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan Update for each park type.

The Alliance for a Better Brentwood asks all Brentwood voters to vote for Measure Q, which will appear on the ballot November 8, 2022, for Brentwood voters in all districts. To learn more about Measure Q, please visit our Measure Q home page.