Measure Q

Brentwood’s Voter-Protected Open Space Initiative

The Alliance for a Better Brentwood supports Measure Q, which will appear on the ballot November 8, 2022, for all Brentwood Voters. We are proud to host this page as a resource for Brentwood voters wanting to learn more about this important ballot measure.

We ask that you vote Yes on Measure Q to protect Brentwood parks, open spaces, and golf courses from future development. State lawmakers and lobbyists are pushing to mandate residential infill projects with no regard for zoning, the environment, infrastructure, traffic, parking, aesthetics, or residents’ concerns.  They see opportunities to build residential projects on every last bit of open space in our cities, including parks, schools, churches, and golf courses. 

Measure Q establishes a Voter Protected Open Space overlay on our current open spaces.  The overlay will not allow more intensive development, unless the voters of Brentwood approve it, or Federal or previously existing State laws mandate it. Local ballot measures can only protect against State mandates that come after. We must pass Measure Q now, before the State passes more of their agenda.

Measure Q only allows the City Council to redevelop existing park land for public purposes if they compensate residents with equivalent open space.  Otherwise, they must ask Brentwood voters for permission.

  • Sacramento politicians are targeting parks and golf courses with proposed bills like AB2762 (2021-2022) and AB1910 (2021-2022).  We can fight back by passing this measure first. State bills passed after a local ballot initiative can be challenged in court, and may not apply to the City.
  • Historically, parks were taken away to be used for City Hall and a Fire District facility with no new parks to replace them.  We can stop future City Councils from taking away our parks without Brentwood voters’ permission.  
  • In 2017, Brentwood received an application for a rezone to build apartments on golf courses.  Measure Q would put such decisions in the hands of all Brentwood voters, not a five person City Council.

Measure Q will help preserve Brentwood’s family-friendly recreational lifestyle by protecting our parks, open spaces, and golf courses, and by slowing excessive development with all the problems it brings.  Help Brentwood keep the rural feeling and natural beauty that make our city special.  

Please vote Yes on Measure Q.