Measure Q Resources

Our Measure Q FAQ

  • Measure Q FAQ – Information about Measure Q, the Voter-Protected Open Space Initiative, presented in the Frequently Asked Questions format.

Join the Discussion

  • Measure Q on Facebook – We will be updating our Facebook page with posts about Measure Q up until the election. Anyone can view this page, but you need to be a Facebook member to make comments and read comments from other members.

City of Brentwood Official Web Site

  • City of Brentwood Measure Q information page – Information provided by the office of the City Manager, including the full text of the measure, a map of the overlay, the Impartial Analysis, and the Staff Report.
  • Measure Q Full Text – The full text of the Voter-Protected Open Space Initiative, which will appear on the ballot as Measure Q.
  • Map of Voter-Protected Open Space – A map of Brentwood, with the Overlay identifying protected open spaces.
  • Staff Report on the Measure, dated July 26, 2022 – The staff report prepared for the City Council meeting where the ballot measure was considered and approved to be placed on the ballot. This is a very informative report for those interested in understanding the process the City Council and staff executed to get the measure prepared and approved. Scroll to the bottom to find more detailed maps of the overlay.

Election Day is November 8, 2022

  • Register to Vote Online – If you haven’t registered to vote, why not do it now?
  • Same Day Voter Registration – Inside the 15 day deadline? No problem, you can register at the polls. Visit this page to find out how.
  • Your Voting Information – This excellent resource helps you find your registration status, districts, elected officials, and your polling place, voter information guide, plus vote by mail status for current elections.
  • Registration and Voting Options – Find out just about everything you need to know about voting in Contra Costa County.
The Alliance for a Better Brentwood asks all Brentwood voters to vote for Measure Q, which will appear on the ballot November 8, 2022, for Brentwood voters in all districts. To learn more about Measure Q, please visit our Measure Q home page.