May 13, 2019

Hello friends and neighbors,

Writing a quick update to the weekend’s efforts in the opposition to move our Urban Limit Line for housing and construction we don’t need. We manned and womanned a table at the Farmer’s Market which was very successful in affirming our base opposing Blackhawk Nunn’s plans for SPA2, the ag land County controlled parcel in west Brentwood.

People would come by and ask, “Are you for it or against it?” When we said, Against, they asked where do we sign, and two even took the form to rescind their signature on their petition. While we don’t have a petition, we ask that you not sign there’s to get their plan on the ballot.

Remember, they are asking you to move the ULL west AND to build what they want to build – an imbedded development plan, a HUGE red flag.

Their petitioner was shouting, “Why aren’t you letting the people vote? Why are you crushing their ability to vote?” Well, perhaps because we’ve already voted on this urban border like 3 times!!! We need to hold that line until we have to make a decision, and that’s in 2026 when I’m hoping our town will make that line permanent—like Antioch made theirs permanent on the northern border of this 815-acre parcel just last year.

Many thanks to all that came down to help: Rod, Consuelo, Antonio, Sinziana, Jeff and Mia, and forgive me if I’ve missed you, it was quite crazy down there!

We continue to distribute our flyers throughout the City with all the information about this egregious plan, and everyday talk to Brentwoodians that have not heard about this development. We will continue to explain our opposition, and convey new information that we receive daily to stop this thing.

Today, City Management will be supplying me with the revenue the City will take in for services based on our current residential & commercial projects in the works; certainly we don’t have to expand outward anytime soon.

As we pointed out last week, the money the developers claim they’ll get us for fire services, it’s the same fees that ALL developers pay to build here, nothing special. With a figure of $17M to run 3 fire stations for a year (as an estimate say if Brentwood had their own fire department), their contribution of $2M over 20 years will hardly offset the environmental damage their housing plan will cause and the added service territory.

Brentwood has 711 parcels and 1,026 acres inside our City limits available to develop. Although I would really want a building moratorium City-wide due to our alarmingly deficient service levels, traffic, school overcrowding to name a few reasons, I’m sure our City could not afford that.

Have a great week—the weather is glorious! Get out in the fresh air if you can, pick some cherries, gaze at Mt. Diablo and know you are helping to protect our western border and defend Brentwood as the best little City east of, well, our Urban Limit Line!