May 23, 2019

NBC Newscast regarding the Alliance for a Better Brentwood’s ULL opposition to Vineyards @ Deer Creek

Good morning Friends and Neighbors,

The NBC Newscast about the ULL challenge by the developers of the Vineyards @ Deer Creek aired at the 5:35 am mark into the 5:00 am newscast. It should re-run at the 11:00 am-11:30 am program.

Unfortunately it’s so short, they did not include the messages from Bryan Scott on fire/emergency services, nor Tony Allegro—sorry gentleman, it could have been so much better. However, I think we had the better part of the report with our messaging and the channel showing our website information.

So the developers latest message is to check the traffic in front of their retirement communities? What about their 20 years of construction in an already overcrowded area, bulldozing 600 acres for more houses we don’t need, tearing up Balfour Road, the eventual houses that John Wong will want on his south-side property once they extend American Avenue, everywhere else they will cause traffic, congestion, and service deficits?

Our fight is genuine, our message is clear—no expanding our City limits until such a time as we solve our circulation and fire/emergency service deficits, and the residents and City management of Brentwood plan that parcel, not a developer.