Election Update

G’day Brentwood community,

After taking a day to reflect on the last nine months of our lives here in Brentwood, I can’t help but think how proud I am of the community engagement that swelled around the Measure L Initiative. It became clear we were a divided community and we had many different reasons for supporting or rejecting the Vineyards @ Deer Creek. For me, it was the developers massive plan and brazen attempt to quadruple the density proposed for SPA2 without regard for its limiting geographic location. Trying to sell a Project to bust through our Urban Limit Line yet again for housing in a rural corridor never meant for this scale of development was a mistake. This plan was sure to generate more traffic, congestion and sheer mayhem for years to come. It made promises for some improvements that were out of its control as clearly pointed out by many of us, as well as the City of Antioch. Their marketing was interesting, always pointing out what dire things would happen if we didn’t adopt their proposal for SPA2, depicting us as savages and naysayers, but clearly Brentwood disagreed in their concept.

I want to thank our tireless Alliance for a Better Brentwood leadership team for all their work and dedication. We, as well as many of you continued to dissect and dismantle all the intricacies of this 193-page Initiative which proved to be its downfall. Week in and week out, we researched, we learned, we strategized and shared information together. We took on a machine backed by millions of dollars, breaking down their Project into information people could understand, pointing out why we didn’t need to buy this plan.

I want to thank our major donor The Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, and the hundreds of Brentwood residents, businesses and landowners who donated money to our campaign allowing us to fight for Brentwood’s future.

Thank you to the Greenbelt Alliance who helped us launch our campaign, and the other organizations who backed us – the Sierra Club, Carpenters Union Local 152, the East Bay Times, Marsh Creek and Delta Dems and the myriad of other clubs and organizations some of whom adopted official resolutions against Measure L.

There are the dozens and dozens of volunteers who never let up even when under constant pressure and scrutiny from our opponents – you requested almost 700 lawn signs to help us display our opposition to Measure L, driving the conversation with friends and neighbors. You passed out doorhangers and flyers; attended, spoke and presented at meetings; you composed letters and e-mails representing us, and kept Measure L in all the blogs on social media, you sign-waved on the corners – all to defeat a massive, invasive plan that didn’t uphold Brentwood’s values.

Moving forward, The Alliance for a Better Brentwood does not stop here. We have many issues and challenges to address here in Brentwood. We need to keep a watchful eye on City planning, especially Planning Commission and City Council agendas.

As I said before, one challenge at a time, and we aren’t dissolving – we are now a force of an entire community that banded together like never before, and we aren’t going away anytime soon.

Thanks everyone. Kathy