November 1, 2019 – Antioch’s Letter

Hello Concerned Brentwood Voters,

I finally got the chance to post some facts about Antioch and their position on Measure L.

In the first part of this document is a letter submitted to the City of Brentwood as part of the DEIR (Draft Environmental Impact Report) process. In reading through the letter from Forrest Ebbs, Community Development Director for Antioch, does it sound as though Antioch is chomping at the bit for this parcel? That’s about as far from Mr. Ebbs mind as I can tell. Then, the many concerns he raises as it relates to the Vineyards @ Deer Creek/Measure L appear to be shrugged off in the Final EIR response. I’ll let you read the documents for yourselves.

The items that jump out at me are: Antioch’s concern over the future impact of an intersection at Deer Valley Road and Sand Creek Road, and they don’t think the impact was adequately studied; they don’t think the cumulative conditions and the fact that the Project will exacerbate already unsafe conditions on Deer Valley Road was taken into consideration; and they don’t think that their development west of Kaiser Hospital, “The Ranch” totaling 1,177 single family homes was included in the cumulative analysis of traffic circulation. Wow!

The other elephant in the room is a BIG one that we’ve been telling you about. The fees paid to the East Contra Costa Regional Fee and Financing Authority (ECCRFFA) as it relates to the Measure L Project and how they will NOT resolve the impact of addressing regional traffic issues. In fact, Antioch admits GBN’s contributions to ECCRFFA are not committed to construct the improvements on Deer Valley Road, and the DEIR incorrectly assumes that payment of such a fee will specifically mitigate Project impacts without documentation! Furthermore, the City of Antioch suggests that a mitigation measure be included that requires GBN Partners to pay to actually improve Deer Valley Road to meet safe traffic standards typical of 55 mph roadways, and then seek reimbursement. None of that is happening.

In the Final EIR response to Antioch, it is pointed out that 600 Project vehicles will use Deer Valley Road to travel north on a daily basis – let me have you picture that for a moment. It further states that this increase in traffic along Deer Valley Road as a result of the Project could substantially increase hazards on a roadway with known safety issues, that the timing and nature of improvements to Deer Valley Road are NOT within the City of Brentwood’s control, and as a result, this impact is conservatively determined to be significant and unavoidable.

So, as you can see, Antioch’s letter outlining their concerns basically gets shrugged off in the Final EIR rebuttal. It states the dangerous conditions this construction and its vehicles will add to Deer Valley Road, states that timing of funds to improve Deer Valley Road are unknown, and that improvements to Deer Valley Road are outside of the City’s jurisdiction.

The information above is in addition to the fact that 10,000 Antioch voters backed a permanent ULL qualifying an Initiative last year, in addition to the Antioch City Council adopting their Initiative in August 2018 (a vote of the people ordered by a Judge for 11/3/20 is still in appeal), in addition to an MOU that is in force between Antioch & Brentwood that the parcel is off limits through 2022, in addition to Antioch’s General Plan saying they will not pursue land outside their ULL, and in addition to Antioch’s General Plan clause outlining 428 housing units if they ever do ever pursue the parcel, which they aren’t.

Vote No on Measure L – it’s not the right plan for Brentwood, and its obvious that the Deer Valley corridor was never meant nor is it prepared for this massive development. This is our position, as well as the City of Antioch’s.