October 28, 2019

Good evening friends and neighbors. I start by saying that my thoughts are with all those effected by the fires the past 2 days. The wind is stronger than I ever remember. My niece has been evacuated from Windsor again for the 2nd time in 2 years; so scary. Our hearts are with everyone, we hope losses are minimal, and we will certainly be there to come to the aid of anyone who needs it, with whatever they may need.

So, updates to the No on Measure L campaign in the final 2 weeks to victory in the November 5th Special Election.

This week, I participated in phone banking for the first time. The Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, a major sponsor for our campaign, hosted us at their Carpenters Union Local 152 offices in Martinez for what proved to be a wonderfully positive exercise! Their automated computer system calls registered voters, and we are able to introduce ourselves and get the opposition to Measure L greeting and vital messages to them. We were overwhelmingly met with a positive response, and found many, many Brentwood voters reporting they have already voted, or are voting No on Measure L. We will continue this volunteer effort into next week. If you should receive a call, please let us know we have your support, or engage us in an important conversation about Measure L for more information.

This ballot Measure is so important to Brentwood – it’s a turning point for our City. The question remains do you let a developer dictate a plan that defies common sense and quadruples the density of housing planned for SPA2, advances housing before vital services, disregards the thousands of commuters battling our roadways daily for viable work, inundates western Brentwood with years and years of construction, and compromises the very core of what we wanted to be – a town that was to be the jewel of far East Contra Costa County, true to its agricultural heritage, nurturing surrounding ag cores and farmland, while providing enough housing, job opportunities and amenities to keep this town viable and enjoyable. We have the plans to do just this – within our borders. There is no reason to expand outward now, and frankly, it is flat-out irresponsible to do so.

Our campaign received a new set of 100 lawn signs, and distributed another 46 since Friday. To date, we have given out 646 lawn signs! This is key as it drives the conversation with your neighbors, and let’s everyone know how strong the No on Measure L effort is. Get ‘um while they’re hot – we only have 54 left! We deliver, so just text me on 925-325-8439, or use the Request a Sign feature on our website, www.BetterBrentwood.com .

Our 2nd campaign finance reports were due by 5pm on Thursday, October 24. The Brentwood Alliance Against Measure L; major funding from the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, filed on time, and reported we’ve spent $17,731.19 through 10/19/19. While our opponents newest report has yet to be revealed, they have spent $724,000 through 9/21/19. Through the generous donations from our major donor, The Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, and all of our amazing individual donors, we have made an incredible impact – we are confident we will prevail in rejecting Measure L. We assure you we have been prudent and respectful of all our monetary support, and are so thankful for your donations. All campaign finance reports are available for review under the Measure L section of the City of Brentwood’s website.

I also wish to thank everyone for all their media posts supporting the No on Measure L message, debunking much of the campaign rhetoric that big money can buy, constantly referring everyone to actual reports, the EIR and facts of this Measure’s adverse impacts. In addition, there are all the volunteers putting in countless hours to educate our residents on policy, procedure and Initiative law, being at the Farmer’s Market every weekend, distributing flyers and doorhangers, ordering lawn signs, sign-waving at the corners, attending and talking at meetings, presentations and special events, and so much more that will prove to be the authentic, Brentwood spirit that will uphold our City’s original plans, sensible plans and defend its quality of life for generations to come.

The question remains do we want to become like every other miserable city in the Bay Area with congestion, traffic, life-threatening fire and EMS services, lack of jobs, lack-luster retail, restaurants and amenities, and overcrowded schools, or are we going to fight for a better future that sets us apart from the rest? The answer lies in rejecting Measure L – it’s neither the right plan, nor the right time to move our Urban Limit Line thereby compromising Brentwood’s future as the jewel of Bay Area. Thanks for all your support!