October 25, 2019

Good day friends and neighbors, over the past week, many posters on social media are questioning facts and figures by the folks who support No on Measure L.

I assure you, all of our statements, for instance in our Ballot Arguments, and the numbers contained therein such as in daily car trips, intersections made unacceptable, etc. have been taken directly from the report ordered by our City Council, the 9212 Report.

The daily car trips at buildout is 14,970; with 6,990 of those daily car trips attributable to the senior housing component. Whether or not these cars are “going into town” as quoted by Bob Nunn makes no difference. The fact remains these are the projected numbers of additional cars on the roads around this monstrous development, such as Balfour and Deer Valley Road. No road is changing east of West Country Club/American Avenue, so you can just imagine what Balfour to East Country Club, to John Muir Parkway, to Cortona, etc. will look like if you approve this housing development. It took me 3 signal lights to get from American Avenue to East Country Club at 3:35pm the other day.

There was a resident questioning the fact that our insurance rates have risen 198.2% during the years 2014-2017, and that may not have been in Brentwood. From the ECCFPD Board of Directors Resolution No. 2017-19, in response to a Contra Costa County Grand Jury investigation, it so states that public commenters who shared at District Board Meetings were seeing insurance costs increase by this amount. There it is, in writing. It’s within our Fire District. All the other responses to the Grand Jury testimony Resolution can be found at this link, and there are other alarming answers by our ECCFPD, such as response times: 

There was a startling announcement in the Board Meeting held July 10 where staff reported that the unavailable time for the months of April – June had increased 29%, a total of 96 hours and 48 minutes where no help was in route, and there were 48 emergency calls during this same period. How would you like to be the one waiting on help, and your call went unanswered?

This is just the beginning of several posts I will make in the days leading up to one of the most important elections, and turning points in Brentwood’s history. We need to reject Measure L and have our City bring all stakeholders in Brentwood to the table to guide us into the future, and not buy one developers plan. If and when we decide we need to incorporate SPA2 into our City, there is a smaller, better, less invasive plan in our own 2014 General Plan, it’s the 583 ranchette estates and very low density housing. Measure L is the wrong plan and it’s the wrong time, and I know thousands of Brentwood voters feel the same way.