August 30, 2019

Good Friday, friends and neighbors, posting an update on this weeks’ No on Measure L campaign activities.

This weeks’ milestone was getting our signed Ballot Arguments and Rebuttals to the City Clerk for inclusion in your voter pamphlets; these voter materials are expected to be in your mailbox the first week of October. Remember, Measure L is NOT the small paragraph you’ll see on the ballot when you vote – it’s 193 pages long! In order to understand exactly what this development will do, and the alarming control it will have over this parcel and area, you can read it in its entirety on the City of Brentwood website:

Don’t forget our review and comments of the Draft Environmental Impact Report on this monstrosity of a development The Vineyards @ Deer Creek/Measure L are due to Erik Nolthenius, Planning Manager, by TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. The paper 2-volume set of 3″ binders are available on the 3rd floor of City Hall, or at the link above.

Thank you for your generous donations which have allowed us to buy not one, but two orders of 100 lawn signs! The first day we announced we had signed, we had 70 requests; on Wednesday, we had 38 requests overnight! Your support is amazing, and we are excited to see how many of you understand this is a bad deal to “buy” from this developer: adding another 590 acres of houses and buildings to the fire and emergency service area and worsening already dire response times, increasing traffic congestion, further overcrowding of our schools, adding thousands of housing before we have viable jobs here, and causing irreversible environmental damage – you don’t bulldoze 590 acres to “save” agricultural land and open space, or cause calamity for 20 years to make “improvements”. Both Antioch’s 10,000 voters from 2005 & 2018 and Brentwood’s voters from 2005, 2006, AND 2010 will continue and are united in holding our Urban Limit Lines, period.

Check out the article in this weeks’ Brentwood Press – it points out two things we’ve been driving home: 1) Liberty High School Superintendent Eric Volta says completing the loop of American Avenue will not help the 2 schools or the area as it does NOT reduce the sheer number of cars arriving and leaving those schools on a daily basis (oh and remember, developers will want to put houses on that side too); and 2) the letter sent to the City by the CHP stating their concerns the project could contribute to traffic accidents, impair their ability to respond to emergencies and impede the safe movement of goods, services and people. You can find their full letter on our website.

We had a presentation to explain Measure L’s components and why we are so opposed to it to a wonderful organization, the Sons in Retirement at the Nines Restaurant – thank you Curtis Manning for the invitation! We will be scheduling another Community Meeting in the next 2 weeks – stay tuned for that location.

The Alliance will be at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow, Saturday August 31 from 9am-11am; come on down to learn more about the intricacies of this dangerous Measure, get a Vote No on Measure L lawn sign, and/or make a contribution to our campaign. We are strong, and will continue to fight for our quality of life over profits.

Thanks! Kat