August 23, 2019

The first batch of No ON L! yard signs are almost here. They should arrive Monday. These are free for the asking, but if you can donate to our campaign to help pay for yard signs, mailers, flyers, buttons, ads, and whatever else we might need we would appreciate it!

Let the developers and the City Council know that enough is enough. We are tired of being asked to move the ULL for more houses. The 8000 additional homes and apartments anticipated for the build-out are more than enough (see City Planning Department reference below). Putting up signs and donating to the campaign will help them get the message.

This first batch will go quick, so if you want one, hurry over to Request-a-Yard-Sign to get your request in!

To make an online contribution, please visit this page: Donor Box Opposition to Measure L

To pay by check, please visit this page: Help Fund the Opposition

I’ll be at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow, Saturday, August 24 from 9 am-11 am to provide more information and accept any donations, corner of Oak and First Streets.

According to Erik Nolthenius, Planning Manager, the General Plan (adopted in 2014) assumes approximately 10,000 new housing units in the city limits through buildout (anticipated to occur in 2035). This includes approximately 4,700 single-family units and 5,300 multi-family units.

Over the last few years, since the General Plan was adopted, approximately 2,000 new units have been built (all single-family). This leaves approximately 2,700 single-family units and 5,300 multi-family units through buildout.

Thank you for your support in holding our Urban Limit Line, our defense against houses we don’t need, traffic, congestion, noise, poor air quality, and just plain degraded quality of life in Brentwood. NO ON MEASURE L NOVEMBER 5, 2019!