July 26, 2019

Hello friends and neighbors,

Well last night, the Brentwood City Council gave the millionaires their special election. They have all the money in the world to buy ad space or send you glossy mailers with all their lofty promises. Karen Rarey says we should read 30 pages a day to weed through the available information and that people who didn’t speak last night or send her an e-mail don’t matter—she was counting. Claudette Staton says the information is out there so Special Election it is. Johnny Rodriguez says we are unruly and he doesn’t like that—get used to it baby, we are Grassroots at it’s finest!

Funny I saw EVERY Councilperson hesitate to second the motion for a Special Election, and yet all voted to hold it—very telling they really didn’t want to stick their neck out, right? I didn’t see the 5,000 people there that signed the Petition, did you? Lest we forget out of the 500 signatures checked, 97 were disqualified! Seth Adams of Save Mount Diablo who stands to gain land from the Ginochio Family on the east side of Mt. Diablo didn’t even have the guts to read his own letter—he had Bob Nunn read it, and Save Mount Diablo call themselves an organization to preserve and defend land.

I did read the 792-page 9212 Report and studied it all day yesterday. Their project makes 11 intersections in Brentwood a Grade F over the coming years. Yeah, that’s progress—whatever. That means, we have 3 months to defeat The Vineyards @ Deer Creek Initiative. No sweat—we did it in 2010, and we’ll do it again!

Meet me tomorrow morning at the Brentwood Farmers Market, Saturday, 7/27, 9 am-11 am to join in the opposition and to make a contribution to our opposition campaign. We are official now: Brentwood Residents for Smart Growth, Jobs Creation, Traffic Abatement and Land Protection…AMEN to that! Hope to see you tomorrow, corner of First and Oak. Let’s show Blackhawk Nunn they will not bulldoze our western hills for more houses!

TGIF everyone!