ECCFPD Resolution No. 2017-19

This development adds 11.6% to Brentwood’s footprint. On page 1, Section 5 of the initiative, the developer only agrees to pay fire facilities fees based on the current fee schedule which amounts to only $2M over the entire 20-year project.

The ECCFPD has stated that their 249-square mile service area requires nine operating fire stations. We only have three. We have developer fees to build a new fire station, $6.5M, but no money to staff stations. It takes $16M per year to run our three stations.

Response times to emergencies have increased 29% over the 2nd quarter of 2019 which resulted in a total of 31 hours of time in which they could not answer emergency calls!

Response time is up to 10:03 minutes. A person can be brain-dead in just 8 minutes and a fire doubles in size every 30 seconds!

The Contra Costa County Grand Jury and ECCFPD admit that insurance rates and property values within the District are negatively affected by the worsening level of fire services. Read it here

It is not the time to add residential service area to ECCFPD.

3. “High ISO rates may increase rates for residential and commercial insurance coverage.”

Suggested Response: The District partially agrees in light of information the District has received indicating that the ISO rate increase have already increased insurance premiums. ISO rating range from 1 for the best to 10 for the worst. As of 2002, ISO ratings in the District were 3/9. As of 2010, they were raised to 4/9. Public commenters at District Board meetings have shared that District residents are seeing insurance costs increase by up to 198.2% over a three year span from 2014 to 2017, which, in turn, reduces the value of property within the District.

ECCFPD Board of Directors, Resolution No. 2017-19, Page 2