July 10, 2019

Complete Brentwood’s workforce survey:

Currently, Brentwood is less than ⅓ built out for jobs and 88% of employed Brentwood residents leave the city for work. In order to bring a better job-housing balance to Brentwood, one of the guiding principles of the General Plan is “Attract and retain businesses and industries that provide high-quality and high-paying jobs so that residents can live and work in Brentwood”.

In April 2019, Brentwood hired a new Assistant City Manager, Terrence Grindall to focus on “promoting Brentwood’s development potential; increasing the city’s per-capita sales tax base through retail recruitment; and attracting high-quality local jobs.” See The Press article dated May 23, 2019.

Now, Brentwood is asking residents to complete a workforce survey so that the city can better evaluate the workforce here in order to attract businesses that match. See The Press article dated July 11, 2019. You help the city understand our workforce by completing the survey here: https://www.opentownhall.com/7603