July 4, 2019

Hello family & friends.

Happy Independence Day, the day the Continental Congress declared the 13 American colonies no longer subordinate to the monarch of Britain. Enjoy your day, have fun, and be safe!

On another note, just wanted to pass along a message from Brentwood City Clerk, Margaret Wimberly:

The City would like to provide you as much notice as possible that at the City Council meeting of July 9, staff will be recommending the regular City Council meeting of July 23rd be cancelled, and a special meeting be held on Thursday, July 25th at 7:00 p.m. in order to provide a full 30 days for the preparation and presentation of the 9212 report, which will provide additional information to the public on the Vineyards at Deer Creek development project.

Brentwood City Clerk, Margaret Wimberly

Please amend your calendars to attend this important special meeting. The Council is set to decide which election to send the Vineyards @ Deer Creek initiative to, either a special election in the fall of 2019, or the next General Municipal Election, November 3, 2020. I, as well as the Alliance for a Better Brentwood, are advocating for the 2020 election. We deserve to have a draft and final Environmental Impact Report prior to voting on this life-changing ballot measure. The City is not sure when this will be available to us just yet.

We continue to find new and revealing information about the claims made by the developers that people need to know. Please check our website regularly for new information and sign-up for our Newsletter. We will be holding several important meetings over the coming weeks and will communicate those accordingly.

Thank you for listening and your support. Brentwood is near and dear to my heart, where my children grew up, and where some live with our grandchildren. We need to guide it into the future and help protect it for generations to come.