June 28, 2019

On June 25th, the Brentwood city council had to decide between:

  1. Placing the Measure on the ballot for the City’s next regular election (November 3, 2020); or
  2. Placing the Measure on the ballot for a special election; or
  3. Providing direction to prepare an informational report in accordance with section 9212 of the Elections Code.

Voters need more information before we move forward on this and so the council unanimously voted for Option 3. However, this report will not be as detailed as a full EIR which is also in progress. It is not known when the draft EIR will be released.

The 9212 report will cover the following topics:

  1. Its fiscal impact.
  2. Its effect on the internal consistency of the City’s general and specific plans, including the housing element, the consistency between planning and zoning, and the limitations on City actions under state laws prohibiting discrimination in housing and governing density bonuses.
  3. Its effect on the use of land, the impact on the availability and location of housing, and the ability of the City to meet its regional housing needs.
  4. Its impact on funding for infrastructure of all types, including, but not limited to, transportation, schools, parks, and open space. The report may also discuss whether the measure would be likely to result in increased infrastructure costs or savings, including the costs of infrastructure maintenance, to current residents and businesses.
  5. Its impact on the community’s ability to attract and retain business and employment.
  6. Its impact on the uses of vacant parcels of land.
  7. Its impact on agricultural lands, open space, traffic congestion, existing business districts, and developed areas designated for revitalization.
  8. Any other matters the City Council requests to be included in the report.

Watch the entire city council meeting here. YES, it is long, but we heard concerns from CHP and Fire as well as many residents. Concerning is that the person from FIRE stated our insurance rates could increase and CHP noted the increased safety concerns. Additionally, it was pointed out that the builder has CROSSED OUT the General Plan and updated it with verbiage that will allow them to do whatever they want on the site (overriding the City and the existing General Plan).