“The developer says they will extend American Avenue and complete the loop. Won’t that help our traffic problem.”

Brentwood’s General Plan’s Circulation Diagram makes clear the plan to extend American Avenue. We do not need the developer’s plan to do this. In addition, the developer’s plan:

  • Removes the planned direct connection of San Jose to Hillcrest
  • Removes the planned direct connection of American to Hillcrest
  • Reduces the planned designation from Major to Minor Arterial for the new portion of Hillcrest
  • Removes the planned public access of the new portion of Hillcrest as it will be private and gated for the new communities
Left: Circulation Diagram from the Brentwood General Plan, Page 2-2 (Page 13)
Right: Circulation Diagram from the Vineyards at Deer Creek Voter Initiative, Page C-2

Under the developer’s plan, vehicle traffic will be routed further west down Balfour. Currently, traffic from the schools flows east on Balfour and to West Country Club. With no new roads out of the area, this means that the newly routed traffic would still have to cross the existing Balfour/American intersection. It also means that the traffic would be flowing toward the steady stream of students that cross Balfour on the western side of American.

Also, the land where the extension would be constructed is county-controlled and so the county would have to be in favor of constructing such extension. The county would be looking at a number of variables with respect to the construction, including habitats that could be impacted.