June 16, 2019

Join us June 25th at 7 pm
for the City Council Meeting
where the Council will either order a staff report, or decide to send the measure to a ballot

Hello friends and neighbors,

First and foremost, happy “Hallmark Holiday”, Father’s Day to all our fantastic fathers out there. It’s not just one day, it’s a lifetime.

Posting a quick update for The Alliance for a Better Brentwood. Yesterday, we secured another 55 opposition signatures denouncing the Vineyards @ Deer Creek Project. This was in just the few hours we spent at the Farmer’s Market. As the developers proclaimed in Friday’s Brentwood Press article, they will soon be bombarding our mailboxes with thousands of dollars of marketing propaganda – with money our grassroots efforts couldn’t begin to have. It’s too bad they’ll be wasting all those precious trees with an item we can’t even use for toilet paper. Here’s the link:

Brentwood urban limit line expansion to appear on future ballot
Kyle Syzmanski, The Brentwood Press
Read the full text here

We need as many residents as possible to attend the June 25th City Council Meeting @ 7pm where the Council will act on the Project – either order a staff report, or decide to send the measure to a ballot. We know the developer wants a costly, quick special election in November 2019 – why would are City representatives authorize that when we don’t even have a Draft Environmental Impact Report yet? We need to have every review possible of this Project so the public can analyze it. Let’s come out in force to tell them, hold up signs, fill the room to show them just how many of us are against this Project. As we understand it, the Council has until August 9th to make the election date decision.

Regarding the fire & emergency services deficit, more taxes are not necessarily the answer. I received the link to the fees that developers pay for EACH housing unit in Brentwood yesterday from Planning Manager Erik Nolthenius. Of the $41,706+ received per housing unit, only $880.95 dollars goes to fire…what?! That’s absurd. Only Administration and Solid Waste are less than that; Parks and Trails gets $6,200, Roadways gets $12k and Water $11k…WOW. What exactly is the priority of our City, you might ask. I know these are 1-time fees, but couldn’t the fire allocation at least be boosted in this equation? Here’s the link to the City’s Development Fee Program.

As always, The Alliance as well as myself welcome your thoughts, facts and figures, and keep the dialog going! Enjoy this glorious day!