June 14, 2019

ULL Ballot Measure Info Table

Brentwood Farmer’s Market 6/15

Hello friends and neighbors, join me at the Alliance for a Better Brentwood Information Table tomorrow, Saturday, June 15 from 8:30am-11am to learn more about the looming ballot measure to move our Urban Limit Line west for yet more houses.

It’s our position that there is no reason to lose control of our urban boundary now. Brentwood has a commitment to its residents to boost fire/emergency services to safe levels, attract and retain good jobs, and add more retail and commercial development here BEFORE we expand outward for any reason. Our urban limit lines both east and west of town are in force until 2026.

We need to vote NO on this ballot measure to prevent unplanned urban sprawl, and then help guide the current plans on Brentwood’s horizon – how about we see how those affect our town before adding more to it.

Hope to see you there!