Say No to Sprawl by Voting No on Measure L

Say No to Sprawl by Voting No on Measure L by Greenbelt Alliance

Critical open space land is at risk of being lost to sprawl development just outside the city of Brentwood in eastern Contra Costa County.

Developer Blackhawk Nunn Partners has sidestepped the community planning process, drafting a 193-page ballot measure that would undermine the city’s long-standing environmental protections and approve new development rules to allow the company to build thousands of housing units on protected lands.  

Blackhawk Nunn’s Measure L breaks the city’s voter-approved Urban Limit Line that provides a clear boundary beyond which major development isn’t allowed. It would also re-write the city’s General Plan to approve a major subdivision with 2,400 housing units on 800 acres of rolling hills just west of town. 

Measure L has serious repercussions for Brentwood’s quality of life and environment, including:

  • Paving over rich agricultural land and critical habitat for wildlife
  • Straining limited local drinking water supplies
  • Exacerbating the city’s infamous traffic congestion
  • Increasing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

This is the third time that sprawl developers have tried to convince Brentwood voters to allow development on open space lands outside the city’s boundaries since 2005. Each time, the voters have rejected these cynical ploys and stood up for growing smartly—within city boundaries and not on precious open space land. Enough is enough.

Say no to this destructive development by voting NO on Measure L!

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