October 11, 2019

Happy glorious Fall Friday everyone! The weather is awesome, and trees are turning – it’s a great day to save Brentwood’s charm!

It’s been some time since I posted, but so much going on! I had a wonderful trip to Boston area, staying in Ipswich – what a lovely part of the country – lots of space around the homes, grasslands, waterways and the Atlantic, every home painted to perfection, great, clean transportation options with their trains into Boston from the countryside for commuters and pleasure-seekers, a walkable City with lots of history – what an awesome concept, right?

So back to business, and updates to the No on Measure L campaign! We have strong opposition, and I’m delivering our 534th No on Measure L lawn sign today! We have large 4’x4′ signs displayed by our friends and county jurisdiction supporters’ properties on Marsh Creek Road, Deer Valley road and Walnut, with more on the way. The Carpenter’s Local 152 helped us deliver close to 18,000 doorhangers throughout our Town – thank you Carpenter’s! If you haven’t received a doorhanger, which can also be used to hang on your rearview mirror when parked at stores & restaurants, please give us a holler on the Gmail; the maps got a little wonky, so we want to assure everyone gets one. Also, order your signs on the GMail too – we deliver daily! Thanks for your support.

The campaign finance reports are on the City’s website, with our proponents filing theirs one day late (?!). You can review ours, and their funding and expenditures through 9/21/19. Quite eye-opening information, the difference between the two sides to Measure L.

YOUR BALLOTS ARE IN YOUR MAIL! Vote, vote, vote as soon as possible! If you haven’t registered to vote, you have until October 21st to do so, so don’t procrastinate. We can make a difference in this election, and I want to reject this Measure L for a better plan, a Brentwood residents plan guided by our town’s needs and wants, when we need to and when we have the jobs and services to support this City. No on Measure L! Also, view my segment taped for the County Elections Office about Measure L moderated by Bob Butler here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuUBXbaAdWE

We have a Community Meeting scheduled next week: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 6pm-8pm, Mountain Mike’s, 380 West Country Club, Brentwood. Come drop in to get more information, strategize on volunteer opportunities, get your lawn signs, get your door hangers!

We will be making a presentation at the Shadow Lakes Homeowners Association Meeting, Thursday, October 17th, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Community Center, 35 Oak Street, 2nd floor, Conference Room B. GBN Partners will also present. If you are allowed to attend as part of Shadow Lakes HOA, I wouldn’t miss this one.

Anyway, I’d better sign-off for today. Catch the Alliance at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morn, 9am-11am, and every Saturday. Try to attend our Community Meeting so we can mobilize in the last 3 weeks to victory! Have a great day!