September 22, 2019

Good morning friends and neighbors. Updating from the Brentwood Alliance Against Measure L campaign.

As of this morning, we are ALL OUT of 400 lawn signs – Thank You! If you are awaiting a delivery, we are knocking out deliveries today; since requests have been coming in so fast and furious, if you don’t get yours please text me your address, 925-325-8439; you could be in the next order but I don’t want to forget anyone. We’ve also ordered some large 4′ x 4′ signs for our supporters that have the space, and for several of our friends who live in unincorporated areas surrounding the City – they are adversely affected by this huge development, and yet they are unable to vote in this election. Thank you for your support, and if you’d like to join our opposition movement, order a yard sign, help with expenses, visit our website, and choose the Get Involved tab. Thanks!

Another update, the proponents and I squared off in a Contra Costa TV segment filmed in Martinez last Thursday called “Election Preview 2019.” It’s sponsored by the County Elections office, and was moderated by Bob Butler of KCBS Radio who asked us a series of questions. It was quite the experience, and who knew they have a full TV studio over there. We will send out the link as soon as it’s available; they issued the attached schedule to me where you can catch the 30-minute interview. I’m hoping I represented you all well! There was so much more to say, but we only had 30 minutes. Bob Butler also interviewed us after for KCBS Radio itself, not sure when they will run any spots, but if you listen to that station, you are sure to hear the Newscast.

The other item I want to notify everyone of is that volunteers from the Carpenters Union Local 152 and the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council will be marching all over the City next week – Tuesday, 9/24, Wednesday, 9/25 and Thursday, 9/26 – to help deliver 10,000 doorhangers for the No on Measure L campaign. If you see them around the City, please know they are not charging our campaign, but helping in solidarity! We’ve already delivered over 4,500 via volunteer residents, and we’ve ordered another 8,000 or so we can deliver our important message to every household in Brentwood. Please welcome them on your street if you should see them, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail or call the campaign.

We have some meetings and presentations scheduled for the month of October. On Wednesday, October 9th, from 6pm-8pm, we’re holding a Community Meeting, Mountain Mike’s, 380 W. Country Club Drive, Brentwood. Come on by this Open House-type meeting to learn more about why we are so opposed to Measure L, sign our opposition list, volunteer, get lawn signs, etc. – I hope to see you there. Also in October, we’ve been invited to a private party in Summerset; the Summerset Community has turned in over 200 opposition signatures, and are very concerned over fire and emergency services, traffic and their property values if the project in Measure L gets built. Then on October 17th, we’re invited to make a presentation for the No on Measure L campaign at the October 17th Shadow Lakes Homeowners Association meeting.

Thanks for all your support. The Brentwood Alliance Against Measure L maintains our City doesn’t need to expand outward for any reason right now – to think we need this Project to help address challenges within Brentwood is false and misleading!

Happy Sunday, my Raiders disappointed me once again…sigh! Enjoy that last day of Summer; Fall is going to be quite exciting around here!