September 8, 2019

Good day friends and fellow Brentwoodians. Writing an update to this weeks No on Measure L campaign.

We continue to get information out to our town on our No on Measure L campaign, why we are so opposed to this Measure and that this Measure will be voted on in a Special Election November 5, 2019. The Farmer’s Market as well as an outstanding individual effort by our Summerset 3 partner, Linda Cicala, we’ve gathered another 370 opposition signatures in 2 weeks – yes, 370! Also, the first 200 lawn signs flew off the shelves in about 2 weeks, with another 100 on the way. Order your lawn sign by visiting our website, then Request a Lawn sign – we deliver!

We were interviewed on KRON 4 News Wednesday, 9/4. Even though I was filmed for about 10 minutes, only a few snippets of our important message ended up in the story; such is the nature of TV coverage. Thank you to my “TV extras” for their support and holding our No on Measure L signs in the background!

The proponents continue to pound home all this money that the City will get after the entire 20 year buildout of their monstrosity – we say but at what cost? If building homes could fix our problems, Brentwood would have no problems. Are roads less crowded because of “improvements”? Has fire & emergency funding kept up? Have schools become less crowded? Have we secured enough local good jobs to get our workforce off Highway 4 & Vasco (BTW have they even commuted those roads lately)? Is there more open space? Of course not.

They talk about jobs, construction jobs and some vague reference to 200 jobs @ Kaiser and John Muir. We already have 2,700 single-family homes and 5,300 multi-unit homes in our buildout plan, how about those construction jobs. We just lost the outpatient surgery center at John Muir, and their remodel article stated they will add 25-30 jobs, I believe that is a net loss, right? Then, a nurse I know at Kaiser says where are they getting these jobs numbers – they are almost at capacity and recently, it took a retiree in Summerset three weeks to get an appointment at Kaiser! They must think by adding 1,920 over 55 homes with a conservative 3,840 seniors, by some calculation that equals 200 healthcare jobs? Nope.

There is a meeting we all need to attend this week: The East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District meeting, Wednesday, 9/11 @ 6:30pm, City Council Chambers, 150 City Park Way. On the agenda will be the 2nd attempt by Blackhawk Nunn/GBN Partners to get our fire district to sign an MOU, basically exchanging millions and millions of dollars for the fire district’s support of Measure L. Earth to ECCFPD – fire & emergency services is NOT the only concern we have with the Vineyards at Deer Creek, and I don’t like that my fire district has decided to broker a deal with this particular Measure/ development on behalf of ALL of its service territory – 249 square miles of City and County residents and businesses. Let’s attend to let them know that. By the way, the developers keep “forgetting” to mention that part of the commercial development in their plan is assisted living facilities which seem to be conveniently left out of the conversation, further straining services. That definitely needs to be addressed. Also some of the densities in their development are 30 units to an acre; to keep mentioning “overall density” is again being disingenuous to say the least.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and coming week. Weather is feeling like fall and thank goodness, FOOTBALL IS BACK, YAHOO! Thanks for you support, and get those sign orders in for delivery late next week!