August 4, 2019

Good Sunday morning everyone. Sending out a quick update of the Alliance for a Better Brentwood’s opposition campaign to deny The Vineyards @ Deer Creek Project and Initiative. At yesterday’s farmer’s market, our Political Action Committee Brentwood Alliance for Smart Growth, Traffic Abatement, Jobs Creation and Land Protection received it’s first 3 contributions and 21 more opposition signatures! Thank you Feroz, William, and Kevin for coming down and launching our campaign, we really appreciate it! You may send contributions to our PAC at P.O. Box 1424, Brentwood, CA 94513. Be sure to include your full name, street address, occupation & employer for campaign finance reporting; or see me in person at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning from 9am-11am (unless otherwise posted.)

On another note, we understand the proponents have started polling via text messaging and calling with survey questions. Of course you should answer that survey truthfully if you choose to participate – if you do, you are paid handsomely with a $3 Amazon gift card (?!). After seeing some of these questions, we will be sure to respond with our take on what’s being communicated and the information they seek to gather. First and foremost, they want to see what marketing they will bombard our mail boxes with. Already false statements are evident – they are asking about why you wouldn’t want to make road improvements in our western area due to 27 accidents and 2 fatalities, implying those accidents took place on Balfour Road – if they did, I don’t know about it. BTW Balfour is the only road they plan to widen and not even all the way to Deer Valley Road; and the recent traffic report says they will add 3 roundabouts to somehow miraculously breeze traffic down that Balfour – really? In addition to widening this road, the entire stretch of Balfour will be dug up for years while they lay various piping for their monster project – what will that do to the school traffic? I will let you picture both those scenarios for yourselves.

The Alliance appreciates your opposition support. I am presenting at the Sierra Club meeting today. We have already received their opposition endorsement, and they plan to make a call to action of their constituents. We have 3 other presentations in the works, and we will hold once a month Community Meetings for opposition discussion and updates, as well as volunteer opportunities. According to City Clerk Margaret Wimberly, the County Elections Office will assign the Measure Letter on August 15th; as soon as we know that for sure we’ll be producing more literature and lawn signs. I will personally deliver one to you!

Have a great day and enjoy this glorious weather. Kids are back in school – drive safe and sane, share the road and abide by posted rules please. Kathy