The Why Not

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This is a bad plan for Brentwood and should be rejected—the resulting environmental damage would be irreversible! Instead, demand paced growth inside city limits only!

Why Not

About the Proposal

Developers Blackhawk Nunn Partners want to build 2,400 housing units on County agricultural land outside our Urban Limit Line. This massive project is bigger than the nearby Deer Ridge & Shadow Lakes neighborhoods combined! This isn’t Brentwood’s plan, it’s a developer’s. Don’t fall for their sales pitch.

It is our position that the Urban Limit Line is a valuable tool to prevent urban sprawl, allows us to guide planned, paced smart growth inside City limits, and helps to maintain quality service levels for our community while still providing new homes, businesses, schools, amenities, infrastructure, and professional & construction jobs.

Our western border has been upheld by voters 3 times, and is in force until 2026. In addition, 9,000 Antioch registered voters vowed to make their border permanent last year! Let’s fight to protect this land as the perpetual community separator between Brentwood and Antioch!

Here’s the ‘why not’ for this Project

  1. This plan cancels and supersedes Brentwood’s own community build-out plan which designates this parcel for ranchette estate (1 unit to 1 gross acre) and very low density housing (1-3 units to 1 gross acre). We can move our border as needed, and when we have services, infrastructure, more schools and promised jobs.
  2. We don’t need to move the urban limit line for more homes with 5,878 homes already under construction or approved in our city, and with 33 commercial projects underway. That is more than enough homes and construction jobs for the foreseeable future.
  3. This project will take 20-25 years to complete. That means all those years of construction negatively affecting west Brentwood, torn up roads along Balfour and clogged routes to Kaiser, John Muir Hospital and jobs; and traffic nightmares, noise and poor air quality in the area of 2 schools trying to instruct our children on a daily basis.
  4. These homes will not help fix our fire and emergency services by adding more service territory, houses and people. We’ve grown 169% since the year 2000, and our services are worse than ever. Their plan pays the same fees to fire/EMS as all homes, NOTHING MORE.
  5. Because 85% of cars exiting American Avenue travel north or east back home, completing the road around Heritage and Adams Middle schools to dump traffic further west on Balfour will offer NO improvement. In addition, the new proposed intersection on west Balfour may cause a dangerous logjam onto narrow Deer Valley Road in both directions.
  6. Deer Valley Road will not be improved. This heavily traveled road was never meant to carry this amount of traffic, and kids from new Antioch houses north of here will be coming to our schools, as well as kids from 480 homes in this project!
  7. The age-restricted housing in this project is still 1,920 homes! The developer is only building partial senior housing so he can quadruple the houses on this parcel. Many residents in this age group still work, and do not “age in place” as they claim.
  8. How much time and money do you owe this developer for added traffic, congestion, increased commute times, noise, lack of jobs, air pollution, and degradation of your quality of life?

Kathy Griffin 925-325-8439