Speak at City Council

Speaking at the Brentwood City Council is a great way to draw attention to issues that are important to you. This is democracy in action! Meetings start at 7pm every other Tuesday; you can find the schedule and agenda here. You just show up, fill out a speaker card, and wait for your name to be called. You can speak even if your issue isn’t on the agenda.

Don’t know what to say? Take a look at our Learn More page for an overview of the issues, or check out Kathy’s comments below. Most importantly, take the opportunity to tell your City Councilmembers why this issue is important to you and your community.

City Council 3/11/2019

See Kathy Griffin’s speech at 1:23:49 to 1:28:14 (-2:08:16 to -2:03:14)

City Council 2/26/2019

See Kathy Griffin’s speech at 5:10 to 10:15 (-1:25:05 to -1:20:00)