Speak at City Council

Speaking at the Brentwood City Council is a great way to draw attention to issues that are important to you. This is democracy in action!

Meetings start at 7pm every other Tuesday; you can find the schedule and agenda here.

Depending on how many residents show up on an item, the council may move an item up for the benefit of the public. So, try to attend on-time.

You can speak even if your issue isn’t on the agenda.

To speak at the meeting in-person:

  1. Show up a few minutes early
  2. Fill out a speaker card at the back of the room
  3. Give your speaker card to the city clerk who sits on the far left
  4. Wait for your name to be called

To speak at the meeting on zoom: Learn more about council meetings online (zoom) here. You will use the raise your hand feature of zoom to express your desire to make a public comment.

Subscribe to the City of Brentwood’s YouTube channel to watch without commenting. This way you can receive push notifications to your phone just prior to the meeting time.

Take this opportunity to tell your City Councilmembers about issues important to you and your community. If you would like additional assistance, email us at AllianceForABetterBrentwood@gmail.com.