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Dear Councilmembers,

I am writing to share my concerns regarding the proposed plan by Blackhawk Nunn Partners to build 2,400 units of sprawl development on active farmland outside of the urban limit line on the east side of Brentwood, known as Special Planning Area-2, or SPA-2. I strongly oppose moving the urban limit line to build new housing, and I urge you to oppose any such proposal. SPA-2 should be protected as a community separator.

Brentwood needs jobs, not more houses–we are already seeing 88% of our employed population leaving our city each day, causing traffic, pollution, and essential economic development dollars to leave Brentwood. The jobs we do have do not pay the professional wages required to be competitive. We have over 1000 acres of developable land within the city limits–that land should be prioritized for development, not our precious and diminishing agricultural land that the city has committed to protecting. The urban limit line should not be expanded; deliver on the jobs already promised within the city’s existing footprint, such as in Planning Area-1, before even considering expanding the city.

Further, I am very concerned about plans to expand the footprint of the city before adequate fire services are assured. My neighbors and I are at risk every day because our existing fire services are stretched too thin. It is unconscionable to consider burdening our fire services even more with 800 additional acres of urban area to protect. This is an issue of public safety; I expect that Brentwood resident safety would take priority over the private interests of a developer in the eyes of our elected officials.

Finally, SPA-2 is the last remaining open space area serving as a buffer between Antioch and Brentwood. We must maintain this buffer to ensure Brentwood and Antioch remain separate entities. Maintaining and extending the existing Memorandum Of Understanding between the two cities, and providing permanent protection for that land, is the best way to ensure Brentwood’s identity and to protect the agricultural land that makes Brentwood so unique.

Say NO to any proposal that extends the urban limit line and to the Blackhawk Nunn Partners proposal.

Thank you,



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