What is the real story on Measure L?

Jovita Mendoza, The Brentwood Press, September 19, 2019

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Editor: Every week, we are seeing articles regarding the ballot Measure L. I am very opposed to this development and will be voting NO. I am hoping that someone with the skill set does investigating and reports out regarding all of the pros and cons and how they will impact our lives.

The city requested a report (9212) and we have yet to see any of that information in The Press. Someone should take one aspect each week and dig into the detail. For example, the 9212 states “the project is expected to generate approximately 14,970 daily vehicle trips, with approximately 750 morning peak hour and 1,360 evening peak hour trips, including the trip generating potential of the commercial uses on Balfour Road.” This is highly concerning and should be information that is communicated to the average voter.

Another issue is the finances. The builder touts MILLIONS of dollars in revenue but does not give details in regard to the expense to the city. Are we going to be in the black or will the millions still fall short in the coffers?

And lastly, people who speak on behalf of the campaign should be forthright in regard to their role in the campaign. I do not fault anyone who tries to make a living, but when you are working on a campaign, you should tell people your opinion is dictated as a paid spokesperson and not only as a resident.

I personally have no financial benefit either way and have been more than happy to volunteer. I am working towards a safe place for us and future generations.

Jovita Mendoza