Vote ‘No’ on Measure L

David Dennick, The Brentwood Press, October 3, 2019

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Editor: Recently, there has been a lot of talk about what effect the Vineyards at Deer Creek would have on Brentwood. Unfortunately, there has been no talk about the prior history of Brentwood. In reality, none of us knows what the future will bring; however, we can look back and learn from the past.

Long before many of you moved to Brentwood, the Highway 4 bypass — now known as Highway 4 — was built, much to the delight of local residents. Unfortunately, once completed, the new highway remained unopened and unusable for many months. The roadway between Balfour and Lone Tree was finished and ready for use, except for one item: the on ramps and off ramps had not been built. They were not included in the construction project. Oops.

Some years back, Brentwood was thrilled to become part of the Silicon Valley electronics age. A large building was built at the south end of town to house U.S. Print. The company was there for several years and closed. The building sat empty for a number of years, until the City of Brentwood took over and the building became the Brentwood Police Department.

Developers came to Brentwood with promises of building an upscale housing development, including a high-quality golf course. Shadow Lakes was built. Shadow Lakes is a nice community; unfortunately, due to a number of reasons not considered before the community was built, the golf course has all but closed. What is to become of the land the golf course used to occupy?

Shadow Lakes was so popular, Deer Ridge was developed across the street. Deer Ridge sold well, but many of the current residents are not happy. Like Shadow Lakes, the golf course has not been profitable and the course has now closed permanently.

Several years back, Brentwood promoted the building of a shopping mall, The Streets of Brentwood: big box stores, many satellite shops and lots of sales tax revenue for the city. Promises well made, however, many of the promised stores never appeared and the mall has been a game of musical chairs. The shopping mall has not been built out, and now there is a move afoot to convert their vacant shopping mall land into apartments. Once again, plans for the future failed.

John Muir Hospital was scheduled to build a hospital immediately south of the current John Muir Health Center. Reportedly, the plans have been shelved.

I really feel the people behind the Vineyards at Deer Creek have the best of intentions, but the history of Brentwood, the current economy and the lack of looking at reality loud and clear says the project as presented to the citizens of Brentwood is not in the city’s best interest in the long term.

David Dennick