Stop urban limit line-busting development

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Kathy Griffin, The Brentwood Press, April 18, 2019

Editor: The Alliance for a Better Brentwood has been busy communicating the disastrous consequences of a developer-driven plan to bust through our western urban limit line (ULL) for yet more housing – 2,400 housing units in a sprawl development bigger than Shadow Lakes and Deer Ridge combined – with no jobs creation, exacerbating our fire and emergency deficits and adding to traffic gridlock and construction impacts for more than 20 years to come.

Who stands to gain from this monster? Not us, that’s for sure. Opposition is mounting, with 571 people signed up on our website, 72 signatures gathered in one day at the farmers market and social media blowing up about this – we’re mad. The alliance has endorsements from Greenbelt Alliance, the Sierra Club and Delta Dems to date, with more to follow.

We’ve had enough of housing developers telling us what they think Brentwood needs, while they make their millions of dollars and destroy our quality of life as a result. We voted our ULL in place in 2006, upheld it in 2010, and we’ll hold it as many times as it takes.

Unbelievably, the city has received a request from Blackhawk Nunn Partners to move forward with the project that is outside our urban limit line, requiring Brentwood registered voters to approve moving that line. Currently, there is no ballot measure to do that, which is fine with us.

Doesn’t this action seem like the cart before the horse to you? How can an environmental impact report (EIR) be analyzed and generated, then after a 45-day review, be finalized and passed on to the planning commission and city council for denial or approval of a project that can’t be built outside our city limits? Who’s fast-tracking this EIR?

The 815-acre parcel is currently county-controlled, privately owned (agricultural) land. Our western ULL is in force until 2026 at the edge of the Shadow Lakes and Deer Ridge neighborhoods, there’s an official memo of understanding between Brentwood and Antioch that puts this property off limits to either city until 2022, and Antioch just passed a permanent ULL last year on the northern border of this property. (These are) all powerful facts, don’t you think?

This parcel needs to be protected as the open community separator between Brentwood and Antioch, especially with a new East Bay Regional Park unfolding across Deer Valley Road.

It is imperative that we all attend the EIR scoping meeting on Thursday, April 25, at 7 p.m., at the Brentwood Community Center. Here’s where we tell city management en masse what factors we want analyzed about this project and will ultimately affect the adoption and implementation of it – we want it rejected. In case you hadn’t noticed, we have none of the 8,500 good jobs promised to us, we already have 5,878 housing units planned in Brentwood, we don’t have funded fire and emergency services, and we don’t want more crowding, traffic, congestion, school impacts and plain old miserable conditions in our town!

See you at the meeting and join the opposition on Facebook, at or (by calling) 925-325-8439.