Déjà vu all over again?

Kermit Sveen, Brentwood, May 23, 2019

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Editor: Several years ago, a ‘Measure F’ was placed on our local election ballot, proposing to move our urban limit line (ULL) to make way for the construction of thousands of new homes in the Balfour and Deer Valley area.

Various unattainable goals were included as enticements to get (it) passed. Measure F was a farce and was soundly defeated at the ballot box by our thoughtful citizens. Well, here we go again.

This time, it’s Blackhawk Nunn Partners trying to gather petition signatures, proposing a ballot initiative to move the ULL west, so 2,400 homes can be built over time in a similar area to the ‘F’ proposal. Again, various immediately unattainable enticements are included in the slick marketing for this project, ‘The Vineyards at Deer Creek.’

Never mind that several efforts in the past to move the ULL have been shot down by the voters; never mind that the city’s general plan (a thoughtful long-range plan for city growth) already includes development in the same area on a much smaller scale; never mind that the city already has thousands of homes in the development queue. These developers’ efforts continue to insult the intelligence of our residents.

Developers, what part of ‘no’ don’t you understand? Citizens of Brentwood, please be cautious of petition signature gatherer’ claims and their behavior, and don’t sign a petition to allow this threat to our quality of life to be put on the ballot.