Community divide on Measure L

Kathy Griffin The Brentwood Press, October 22, 2019

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Editor: Developers once again have caused a huge divide in the concept of the City of Brentwood — this time it’s GBN Partners. The “Yes” side seems to think Measure L is the best thing since sliced bread and has no repercussions; whereas the “No” side recognizes  breaking through our western ULL for more houses, 20 years of bulldozing and thousands of cars and traffic is the worst idea ever. 

All of us have a stake in the way Brentwood grows. All types of residents deserve a well-planned city, which include business and landowners, both young and old. We should all be invited to the table in a city-run process where all stakeholders get to share input in our community buildout. Whether or not this includes expansion will unfold. A city should include enough housing options, which Brentwood has with its general plans for 2,700 homes and 5,300 multi-unit dwellings in the next 15 years. A city should include jobs for its workforce, which it has in the PA1 plans — the area below Home Depot and on both sides of the bypass — up to 9,033 jobs in the next 20 years. A city should have adequate services for its population without risking their lives. You don’t think by nurturing and guiding the plans we have inside our City limits in a paced, common sense way, we can generate the same millions of dollars Measure L promises? We have 28 housing and 34 commercial projects in various stages right now doing just that. 

By rejecting Measure L, we are telling GBN Partners it’s neither the right plan nor the right time to develop SPA2. This project is too massive, too invasive, and frankly tries to make us forget it stands to make them a cool half a billion dollars. It’s a slap in the face to our weary commuters who spend hours on the roads for viable work, missing their families and activities. We should not be voting on some deal that seems to have been months in the making behind closed doors with our city leaders. With the scuttlebutt that Antioch will somehow grab the parcel, you have to ask yourself, who’s driving this development – Antioch or GBN Partners? If the developers proactively go to Antioch, it just proves all along it was all about the money, and not about Brentwood’s attributes or to benefit us after all.  

Vote “No” on Measure L so Brentwood can take the lead in stopping the nonsense some call progress, and we can be the city all others envy in the Bay Area. The Ginochios and Nunns, of all people, should understand this parcel was never meant for this scale of development, and they should honor and uphold the reasons their ancestors settled here in the first place: a desirable, astonishing place to live.

Kathy Griffin