City is making wrong choice

Shirley Mudd Winthrop, The Brentwood Press, October 15, 2019

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Editor: Measure L is not designed to fix the traffic problems on Balfour, Deer Valley Road and American Avenue — despite what the big billboards on Balfour and Deer Valley proclaim in big letters.

The passage of Measure L would allow developers to build 2,400 homes outside our current limit line on the corner of Balfour and Deer Valley Road. Those of us who travel Lone Tree Way know it is bumper to bumper with traffic from dawn to dusk every day. Balfour and Deer Valley are getting worse by the day.

Brentwood already has plans for adding 8,000 housing units within the current limit line in the next 15 years. There is no need to expand our limit line now or in the near future. 

We were promised last time we voted on this issue that we would not do so again until every inch inside our current city limits had been developed. This has not happened. 

We are talking about more congestion, not just in Brentwood, but on every road leading into and out of our city — old Highway 4 to Stockton; Byron Highway all the way to Grant Line Road and beyond; and our new bypass in the opposite direction.  

As far as including senior housing in the development, I am a resident of Summerset I. No one I know has retired at 55. Who can afford to? They are more apt to be 58, 63, 68 and even 70. Many, if not most, are still working and commuting to jobs in other cities. There are no jobs for them in Brentwood, nor are there likely to be.

As of now, we have no idea of the added impact of the homes already planned — being built now in Brentwood but not yet occupied.

There were plenty of voices in the city council chambers asking for this vote to be put off a year; however, the developers very kindly offered to foot the bill for a special election. Our city council imprudently accepted the offer.  

Shirley Mudd Winthrop