Be heard on Election Day

Sandra Myers, The Brentwood Press, October 15, 2019

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Editor: I feel compelled to write to The Press after receiving my fourth pamphlet in support of Measure L, as well as an unsolicited email from the same group.

The pamphlets and email made it sound like the developers behind Measure L were doing Brentwood a big favor with all the wonderful things they are willing to do for the city, when, in fact, I believe the opposite to be true.

Read the environmental impact report on this project and get the facts for yourself. Seven of Brentwood’s roadways, including Balfour Road, will be negatively impacted by this project, which could add 14,970 daily trips on roadways that are already congested. The California Highway Patrol has expressed concern over this fact as well. The improvements to American Avenue will not reduce the number of cars leaving or entering Balfour Road. In fact, 20% of this project — or 480 units — will be single family or multi-family units with a potential of 300 additional students in our schools.

The developers brag about protecting 1,500 acres of pristine open space, but fail to point out those acres are in Clayton, not Brentwood. They say they will provide 225 acres of open space within their gated community, where they will plant grape vines. How does that help Brentwood residents?

The developer agreed to pay all the costs of a special election, but only if the council agreed to hold a special election this Nov. 5. They would not help with the costs of a November 2020 election, where they would have a much greater voter turnout.

Please prove them wrong by educating yourself on all the facts and voting this Nov. 5. I urge a “no” vote on Measure L, but whatever your opinion, please vote and be heard.

Sandra Myers