Will Antioch take this land if Brentwood doesn’t?

Antioch continues to make its views on expansion clear–Antioch is not interested in expanding outward. This is the same fear-mongering we heard the last time a developer tried to expand the ULL. We can’t let developers trade our quality of life for a manufactured fear. Brentwood and 10,000 Antioch voters are united in upholding our ULL’s and preserving open space.

In addition, allowing a poorly planned development that Brentwood doesn’t need isn’t the only way to ensure Antioch doesn’t encroach on Brentwood. A Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Boundary/Open Space Between Cities of Antioch and Brentwood is in force until October 2022. The MOU states that the area of SPA-2 is:

characterized by a series of key hills and ridges that form a natural boundary between the two communities

We can continue to pursue policies that protect the area and keep the land as a community separator beyond 2022.

Will this development improve traffic?


Brentwood’s General Plan’s Circulation Diagram makes clear the plan to extend American Avenue. We do not need this developer’s plan to do this. In addition, the developer’s plan:

  • Removes public access of the new portion of Hillcrest as it will be private and gated for the new communities
  • Reduces designation from Major to Minor Arterial for the new portion of Hillcrest
  • Removes direct connection of American to Hillcrest

Under the developer’s plan, vehicle traffic will be routed further west down Balfour. Currently, traffic from the schools flows east on Balfour and to West Country Club. With no new roads out of the area, this means that the newly routed traffic would still have to cross the existing Balfour/American intersection. It also means that the traffic would be flowing toward the steady stream of students that cross Balfour on the western side of American.

Also, the land where the extension would be constructed is county-controlled and so the county would have to be in favor of constructing such extension. The county would be looking at a number of variables with respect to the construction, including habitats that could be impacted.

Does Brentwood need more housing?

NO! Brentwood is already over ⅔ built out according to the General Plan’s targets, and less than ⅓ built out for jobs. Cities that rely on property taxes as a primary source of income run out of money down the line, which diminishes their ability to provide the quality of life residents are used to. More houses mean more residents, which means more commuters and more traffic, and more pressure on city services like police, fire, and maintenance–without a long term increase in tax revenue.

Will this development add an impact to schools or traffic?

The development is currently planned for 80% of units for “active adult” and 20% of units as market rate. Developers can label their projects whatever they want, and simply change it down the line which is exactly what happened recently in Antioch. An “active adult community” is not legally binding. Just ask…Once houses are market rate, anyone can move in–including families with children who will need to go to school and working parents who will need to commute to job centers across the Bay Area. If each home has an average of four people, that’s almost 10,000 more commuters on roads and school children in school.

Further, “active adult” refers to adults 55 and over. How many 55 year olds do you know that don’t leave the house?