The Developer’s Initiative

The Developer’s Initiative, if passed by the voters and approved by all parties, will modify Brentwood’s Urban Limit Line (ULL), Sphere of Influence (SOI), General Plan, Municipal Code, and 1992 Memo of Understanding between Antioch and Brentwood. Every detail in the initiative is important to review. Read the full document here.

Here are some highlights:

Commercial Uses

Consistent with City policy, senior care facilities are considered to be a commercial use and therefore shall not be included in the 2,400-unit maximum residential unit limitation. However, for purposes of this Specific Plan senior care facilities may be located in the VDC-R or VDC-CC sub-designations. [Emphasis added]

Vineyards at Deer Creek Voter Initiative, Page E36


Brentwood’s General Plan’s Circulation Diagram makes clear the plan to extend American Avenue. We do not need the developer’s plan to do this. In addition, the developer’s plan:

  • Removes direct connection of San Jose to Hillcrest
  • Removes direct connection of American to Hillcrest
  • Reduces designation from Major to Minor Arterial for the new portion of Hillcrest
  • Removes public access of the new portion of Hillcrest as it will be private and gated for the new communities
Left: Circulation Diagram from the Brentwood General Plan, Page 2-2 (Page 13)
Right: Circulation Diagram from the Vineyards at Deer Creek Voter Initiative, Page C-2

Balfour Road

Within the initiative, the developer has highlighted three phases of modifications to Balfour Road with different timings. However, the figures included combine Phase 1 & 2.

  • Phase 1: Widening from two- to four-lanes (see image) which will occur concurrently with other improvements required for the first small-lot final subdivision map.
  • Phase 2: Widening from two- to four-lanes (see image) which “shall occur as traffic demand necessitates” [Emphasis added]
  • Phase 3: Improvements as a two-lane road (see image) which “shall occur as traffic demand necessitates” [Emphasis added]

Specific Plan Supercedes

There numerous references in the General Plan edits that allow the Specific Plan to supersede many of the city’s policies and municipal code.

LAFCO’s Comment on NOP

On April 30, 2019, LAFCO, the commission responsible for overseeing local government boundary changes in Contra Costa, sent a letter to the City of Brentwood in response to the city’s Notice of Preparation—Vineyards at Deer Creek.

Included, LAFCO asks that the EIR include discussion on the project as it relates to Plan Bay Area.

The Plan assumes that all urban growth boundaries are held fixed through the year 2040 and no sprawl-style development is expected to occur on the regions’ open space or agricultural lands.

The project does not focus growth within the urbanized area of Brentwood, and extends the urban footprint into the an undeveloped area, outside the ULL, and predominately used for grazing.

LAFCO, April 30, 2019

View the pdf or click below to read the text.

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