Fact Sheet: No on Brentwood’s Measure L

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Table of Contents
Fire/Emergency Services
Schools and Tax Revenue


  • The project has 1,920 adult age 55+ housing units we don’t need. Brentwood already has Summerset I, II, III & IV, and Trilogy = 3,113 over age 55 housing units, 299 MORE over age 55 housing are approved in Brentwood as well.
  • Richland Communities is set to break ground in the Sand Creek Focus Area with Antioch’s first large-scale 55+ housing development.
  • Brentwood has over 2,700 houses and 5,300 multi-unit housing left to build from the 10,000 designated in the 2014 General Plan.
  • There are 480 common market, family homes in this project adding to the myriad of housing already on our plate
  • The Association of Bay Area Governments has dictated that Brentwood only has to build 760 homes through 2023.
  • We have over 16,000 housing units upcoming throughout East CC County, Oakley, Antioch, Discovery Bay, Bethel Island and us.

Fire/Emergency Services

  • The ECCFPD has stated that their 249-square mile service area requires 9 operating fire stations, we have 3.
  • Response times to emergencies have increased 29% over the 2nd quarter of 2019, April-June, which resulted in a total of 31 hours of time in which they could answer NO emergency calls! Response time is up to 8:07 minutes to west Brentwood, and almost 14 minutes to Bethel Island.  A person can be brain-dead in just 8 minutes and a fire doubles in size every 30 seconds!
  • We have developer fees to build a new fire station, $6.5M but no money to staff stations. It takes $16M/year to run our 3 fire stations.
  • The CC County Grand Jury and ECCFPD admit that our insurance rates have increased 198.2% over the years 2014-2017.
  • This development ADDS 11.6% to Brentwood’s footprint, and on page 1, Section 5 of their initiative, they only agree to pay fire facilities fees based on the current fee schedule, that’s only $2M over the entire 20-year project.


  • The project exponentially adds traffic on Vasco Road and Highway 4/Bypass, impedes commutes to jobs and has a negative impact on family life. Many age 55+ are still working & very active. The traffic study states 7 intersections are made unacceptable if this is built.
  • Construction & utility work for the project will tear up and clog Balfour Road for years to come with lane closures as well.
  • This development dangerously obstructs the flow of traffic along Balfour and through the Deer Valley corridor used by hundreds of commuters, residents, students, as well as blocks routes to local recreational opportunities and emergency vehicles routes.
  • The development has only ONE exit, onto already choked Balfour Road; Hillcrest on the north side will be gated for their community
  • The project only partially widens Balfour Road and make only sight improvements to Deer Valley Road near their project.
  • The CHP has major concerns about the project, stating that “the development would have a negative impact on their operations due to congestion, may lead to an increase in traffic collisions, increase emergency response times, delay emergency services and have a negative impact on the safe movement of people, services & commerce.” Brentwood Police Captain says traffic is their #1 complaint.

Schools and Tax Revenue

  • The Liberty High School Superintendent stated that the extension of American Avenue will not help the schools.  Whether there’s a loop road or not, you still have the same number of cars coming to and leaving the schools each day onto Balfour.
  • Emergency services to the schools would be hampered by regular school traffic, parents trying to go to the school in an emergency and/or emergency personnel response.  Heritage High’s back access road that leads to Balfour Road is available in emergencies. 
  • The 480 common market homes in this development are estimated to put both school districts further over capacity: the high schools are over 1,313 and K-5 over capacity by 790 students. Antioch kids off Heidorn will also be coming to Brentwood schools.
  • All 3 high schools will add 16 new portable classrooms in 2019-2020, and Heritage High already has portables in its upper parking lot.
  • A 2014 study indicated Brentwood needs to add 1 middle school & 4 elementary schools; we only have 1 school site in the works.
  • Over age 55 developments contribute just 18 cents per square feet, versus $1.10 per square feet for single family homes to schools.
  • The schools get no additional State funding from over age 55 housing as those contributions are based on student attendance.
  • Any additional percent of property tax from this Project is only an estimate; we know there is not enough to run our fire stations.


  • Smothering construction noise and poor air quality for 20-25 years; bulldozing of 550+ acres of active dry-farmed and grazing land.
  • 10,000 Antioch’s voters passed the Let Antioch Voters Decide in 2018; the Antioch City Council adopted it, holding their ULL.
  • Adversely impacts the new 3,200-acre Deer Valley East Bay Regional Park to the west of the development.
  • The 225 acres of “open space” they are protecting is because they can’t build on those hills and ridgelines; their “vineyards” and olive trees will be planted, but will have to be maintained, watered and harvested by HOA fees passed on to the new homeowners.
  • The other 1,400 acres of land they claim to “save” is in Clayton, just a trade-off for decimating this property and a donation from the Ginochio Family who will give 2 parcels to the Save Mount Diablo organization, leaving Brentwood with nothing in the deal.